Cypress Butane

I am Saint Louis Author Cypress Butane. Check out my blog at - I am currently at work on a science fiction novel which examines the clashes and intersections of technology and spirituality, titled 'Quo Vadis, Sailor?' named for a classic line from the gnostic Jesus meaning "Where are you going?" (Quo Vadis?) and that infamous line prostitutes have used on their Johns as they head into port for millennia: 'Where ya headed, Sailor?' 'QV,S?' mixes several plots about Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Time-Viewing, High-Tech Street Drugs, and the Auspices of Heaven vs. Those Who Seek to Steal & Sell the Innocence of Youth, - into a Confusion of Alchemical Crucible-Burning, Attempting to Find Something Shiny, and Perhaps, Worthwhile Within.