Viewpoint Part V: Using Viewpoint as a Yardstick // Concluding discussion of pov in craft… for now

Hey Monarch Writers,

This upcoming Monday we will meet at the usual time at Bread Co on Chippewa 5:30 pm till around 8/9 and wrap up our discussion of the guide book ‘Viewpoint: Key to Fiction Writing’ by Francis Fugate. This is the fifth section we have looked into and I decided to make this the final chunk of the book to go through as I believe the rest of the book covers both more obvious / AND obscure aspects of POV stuff and we have achieved a good touch on the fundamental insights of POV for now that we can move on to another aspect of craft so floor’s open to what you all would like to look into next!

This section for Monday that I attached below is called ‘Using Viewpoint as a Yardstick’ and showcases how the author of this book, as you may have gathered from earlier chapters, views viewpoint (ha) as perhaps the most important angle of approach for writing fiction. The key to fiction writing, you might even say. So check out this chapter if you are able to read it and we’ll see you monday. Remember there is an ongoing prompt to write a scene of conflict with viewpoint in mind. Consider how your choice of viewpoint interacts with your characters’ desires, obstacles, and how it shapes the plot and how the story is revealed.

Oh and I and perhaps a couple other writers are going to try to be at Bread Co Saturday around lunch time for a Write-In! This will be a new ongoing meeting time so drop in and look for your fellow Monarchs!

Good hunting, writers!

– Cypress B.

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