studying viewpoint part 4: ‘letting others intervene’ – pov & character

featured image ‘kiss of the universe’ by Ani Asoyan

For the next couple weeks of Monday meets on the 30th of May to June 6th we will be discussing point of view some more. More relating viewpoint to the important story element of character.

We are still looking at the guidebook ‘Viewpoint: Key to Fiction Writing’ by Francis Fugate and though these are ‘fundamentals’ this an interesting guidebook and I personally have issue with this type of material as someone who has focused a lot on metafiction/’postmodern’ fiction (as well as a good deal of classics) in my reading… so that I struggle with this in my writing attempts.
So I will upload the chapter and not make too much commentary.I enjoyed reading this chapter and hope you get something out of it.

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