Monarch Monday Meets – 5/16/2022 – ‘Viewpoint: Key to Fiction Writing’ (Continuing Reading the Book by Francis Fugate)

The group is looking at ‘point-of-view’ in writing again this coming meet, and we will have a reading available to members in our shared google drive soon if you want to follow along with the next section. In the meeting yesterday we got into the process of choosing point of view of a particular tale is based on who has the largest dramatic state in the story – though a story worth telling could potentially be told from any of the characters because they all have to have sufficient motivations and substance. Choosing to write from first person, or third person, which is as far as we got in touching on the potential choices, is a discovered choice of how one wants to have the reader view the action –through involvement –through a character’s eyes… and is based on the character’s involvement with the action, and the admixture of the character’s attitude on what is being portrayed and the author’s attitude toward both the character and the action – to best explore ideas and perspectives with the reader as the story unfolds as scene and consequence.

We have covered the following sections so far. I will upload the next section in a separate post later tonight or tomorrow. That third section from Francis Fugate’s book will be the section we discuss on the 16th.

We also have a prompt to write something for that meeting if you like – to write bout a conflict where an issue effects two people, but the consequence has two perspectives. You can write first person on one side and then first person and the other side. Or try first person and third person, of one side and the other, or perhaps both the same side (or vice versa). Or, again, third person for both views, each of the two characters. Do some exploring.

I’ve put up some flyers around town and am going to put up some more and will update the site with a more clear calendar and focus on the meetings, so I hope we will see some new faces as we head into summer and people get out more. We will see you Monday.

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