Meet the Kutztown Banned Book Club – Where Teens Are Gathering to Read and Discuss the Books Conservative School Boards are Outlawing From Being Taught

Teens come out for newly created Kutztown Banned Book Club

Bi-weekly discussions will focus on classic novels, current hot topics

A Kutztown middle schooler created a Teen Banned Book Club to discuss and celebrate challenged stories, discussing both classic novels and current hot topics.

A group of 9 youth, ranging in grades 7 to 11 mostly from the Kutztown area, attended the club’s first meeting held at Firefly Bookstore in Kutztown on Jan. 12.

Joslyn Diffenbaugh, a 14-year-old Kutztown 8th grader, created this club after reading about public outcry to ban books in schools nationwide and locally based on topics of race, gender identity and sexuality.

“I wanted to make sure teens have access to books that they can personally relate to or have interest in and not to let groups in our community dictate what we can and cannot read,” said Joslyn.


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