Join Our New Mailing List – The Monarch FlutterStorm

The Monarch Writers are starting a new email dispatch – The Monarch FlutterStorm –

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The Monarch Writers, your friendly St. Louis-based neighborhood Writers’ Group, is coming out of hibernation after the pandemic to start in person meets once again, and we want to find better ways to connect with you! We want to invite you to become a SUBSCRIBER to a new MAILING LIST – The Monarch FlutterStorm. What does this list entail?

We’ll send you helpful writing articles, inspiration, and other neat artistic news and views! 

Roughly once a week, you’ll get a dispatch of some info related to writing, literature, and the arts that will offer an inspiring look, compiled from the web or other resources, to keep you inspired and intrigued. 

  • Something offbeat, but not spam or ranting
  • Something positive and to help you feel creative
  • Something that you can have a part in discussing – Just join our discord community to give your take!

In Chaos Theory – The Butterfly Effect says that something as small and seemingly inconsequential as a butterfly flapping its wings, through its reverberations, can have as monumental a consequence as a tsnuami occuring a number of weeks later, continents away. We believe the same thing with positive energy, inspiration, and random acts of artistic abandon. So we want to send out any small positive vibes of non-cynical, snark free creative spirit we can and see what builds from there. So join us if you will, sign on for email updates, and join the conversation here at and on our Discord Server.

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