MAY 2021 – Focus on Writing SETTING – Creating a World For Your Story To Live

In May The Monarch Writers are focusing on the idea of Setting and World. Whatever type of writing you are doing, you need to have some kind of focus on the scene beyond the immediate plodding plot. Where is your conversation between characters SET? What is the larger world like? What is going on in the world outside the room of that conversation? All things to consider when having an interaction between even two intimate character conversing on a topic seemingly strictly involving just them.

Here’s a few links that you may find helpful:

Beyond the backdrop: Mastering setting in fiction – The Writer Author Sarah Van Arsdale explains how fully developed settings can help writers build out their characters and thicken their plots.

Writing Talk Podcast – Episode 17 – Setting the Scene and the Role of Research in Fiction Writing


Here’s the seventeenth episode of the Writing Talk Podcast. In this episode of the Writing Talk Podcast, we’re looking at setting the scene and the role of research in fiction writing.

Plus this week’s writers’ toolbox tip and some listener feedback. There’s also a quick review of my news.

Hope you enjoy listening.

The Underground Bunker From the Mysterious Island in the Show ‘Lost’,
an Example Where the Setting Is Definitely It’s Own Character

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