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The Haunted Typewriter

Three StigmataAsks all the Cyberpunk Questions in Another Classic Philip K Dick Novel

‘You were wrong,’ Eldritch said. ‘I did not find God in the Prox system. But I found something better.’THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH BY PHILIP K DICK

Philip K Dickis one of the heavies of cyberpunk history. His work remains an open treasure chest of fulfilling novels,old interviewsand a number ofdocumentariesthat display the man’s genius and prophetic insight. Thankfully, due to our present culture’s in-the-woodwork- paranoiacs and psychopaths willing to bear witness to not just their pain but also their forebears and history, Dick remains a vibrant part of the culture.

He is represented not just in the multiple blockbuster adaptations of his fiction works into films such asBlade Runner,Total Recall,Paycheck,Next, andMinority Reportand of course one of my top five

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