WITH REVERENCE, How Finding Your Voice In Writing May Parallel The ‘Four Waters’ Stages of Prayer According to Mystic Theresa of Avila

The Haunted Typewriter

It took me a long while to find my voice as a writer. Obviously, I am still growing and have plenty to still learn, but I feel like I am in a place where the inspiration is nourished mostly by things I read and discover through research and less through struggle with how I might fundamentally approach what I can say. Getting to the point where I feel connected to the source of my own thought enough to speak somewhat freely, where I am more holding back to bring clarity than pushing harder and struggling to bring water from a ground source, is not to be taken lightly. Thus, I’d like to share some words from the Christian mystic of prayer Theresa of Avila, whose words on the ‘Four Waters’ of making a prayer connection to the ultimate mirror the way I feel connected to my source. I feel this…

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