DECEMBER 2018 – Romanticism – The Melodies of Irony

Hello Monarch Writers,

For our Mondays this month, due to the holidays, we’ll only be having one Monday Writing Meet, on December 17th, usual time and place – 6-9pm @ The Gelateria Del Leone on South Grand.

We’re still going through the Literary Criticism Text Book: (Here’s a link where you can download it: )

We’re onto the Romanticism (Part I) Chapter, around pg 409-42x, and we’ll mainly be discussing IRONY this time around.

Here’s a packet which includes some extra material regarding SOCRATIC IRONY, RHETORICAL IRONY, AND it’s movement into what’s discussed in this chapter, that is, ROMANTIC IRONY:

IRONY is a great tool for writers to examine your self-awareness regarding your writing, where, I know a lot of writers just starting out, every character you write is basically you with slight differences. Investigating the intricacies of irony can get you to a more experimental space where you are doing more worldbuilding and tapping into more imaginative parts of your creativity, all from the idea of dissembling what is literally said from what is actually meant. I think I personally am just getting to a place where I’m beginning to do this with characters, and while it may still be some form of ‘it’s all just biographical’, I feel like I am exploring with IMAGINATION (another element discussed in the text book chapter) and working in a kind of laboratory to invent scenarios closer to whole-cloth.

Irony is one of those big, complicated concepts in literary theory that has had a long lived career through many iterations. Read through the chapter in the text book and see if anything speaks to you and your writing, take some notes, and we’ll discuss at the meeting on the 17th! I hope to see you there!

Good Hunting, Writers,


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