Talking About Literary Theory / Criticism As a Group

Hello Monarch Writers! – Join our discussion either in person (St. Louis Area) with GROUP or online  with our GROUP

There has been some interest in talking about literary theory / criticism as a group, so I wanted to send out some leads as to where to start studying these topics. There is a free Yale video course on Introduction to Literary Theory on Youtube that is worth a watch.

And if you are a fan of either of the graphic ‘Introducing’ or ‘For Beginners’ series, both have a book on the topic. There is ‘Literary Theory for Beginners’ and ‘Introducing Literary Criticism’which both provide a good overview.

Some topics for study we should be talking about in the future are:

Ancient Concepts of Literature – Mimesis (Plato & Aristotle)

Humanism (Renaissance / Enlightenment)

Formalism / The New School

Romanticism / Theory of Literature as Expression of the Author

Structuralism / PostStructuralism


Semiotics & Linguistics

Freud and other Psychoanalysis Interpretations

Modernism / PostModernism

Gender, Feminist, Post-Colonial & Queer Theory


We can discuss these topics in subsequent months chronologically surveying through the history of literature, and also pick and choose, if there is a topic you are interested in that deals with something you’re working on. If you would like to choose an article for the group in the future, feel free to pitch a topic for the month and we can have a discussion geared toward what you’re working on and thinking about as it comes up. Most importantly I want to be open to your feedback so you feel like the group is your own and we’re not doing discussions that you have no interest in. I want you to have input and continue having the lively discussions we’ve been having. Thanks, team! And I hope you are getting some good writing done!

Good Hunting, Writers,

– Cypress Butane


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